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TASK AND TIME TRACKER W/ TASK AND TIME JOURNAL 6 PAGE BUNDLE (Bundle worth: $8/per individual user)


Create awareness of estimate time verses actual time with this task time tracker and journal bundle that helps you:

Accurately plan and schedule your day

Prevent unrealistic expectations

Understand your scheduling frustrations

Manage stress

Identify time and task trends, problems, solutions, etc.

Prepare for projects

Learn time management

Gain more awareness of the present moment


Unique Features:

Visually interactive & and appealing layout

Colora and image organized sections for easy use

Ample writing space for journaling

Instructions and tips for use


Recommended For:


Neurodivergent Persons

Business Professionals

Project Planners

Educational Professionals


Anyone who needs help with task and time management

Anyone who wants to be more present in life and less stressed



- Task Time Tracker and Journal Bundle

SKU: cmTTJ1Mb6-22
  • Length 11in x Width 8.5in