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The Sensory Check-in Journal allows you a space to track, journal, and learn about your mental, emotional, and physical health. A great tool to track symptoms to discuss with medical professionals, therapists, friends, family, etc. This worksheet uses an interactive layout that helps you:

  • Track your feelings
  • Note physical symptoms
  • Identify triggers
  • Track situations that increase your triggers
  • Note things that help ease symptoms


Unique Features:

  • Visually interactive & appealing layout
  • Guided questions
  • Full body physical symptoms chart
  • Emotion and symptom tracking charts
  • Instructions & tips for use


Recommended for:

  • Neurodivergent Persons
  • People with pain or chronic illness
  • People whose medical team tracks their symptoms
  • Children
  • Anyone who desires more introspection and awareness of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual experiences



Sensory Check-in Journal

SKU: SC1Ms3-22
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Length 11in x Width 8.5in

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