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This worksheet gives dedicated spaces for call planning and can help:

  • ease call anxiety
  • manage stress
  • focus your thoughts
  • make important connections with business contacts, colleagues, etc.
  • keep needed information from getting lost
  • maintain organized project or situation notes
  • identify what worked and didn't work
  • and more...


Unique Features:

  • Pre-call preparation sections for:
    • Participant and meeting information
    • Main points summary
    • Emotions that need conveyed and emotions you don't want conveyed


  • Full length page for notes during the call


  • Post-call review sections for:
    • Key Take-aways/Summary
    • New tasks
    • Needed follow-up
    • Feedback notes


Recommended for:

  • Neurodivergent Persons
  • Business Professionals
  • Consultents
  • Educational Professionals
  • Interview Applicants
  • Service Professionals
  • Someone Needing to Have a Difficult Conversation
  • Anyone who makes phone calls for any reason



- Phone Call Planner

SKU: cmPC1Gs6-22
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Length 11in x Width 8.5in

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