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"I'm Not a Processing Error" Neurodivergent Sticker, a celebration of unique minds and diverse ways of thinking. Measuring approximately 3x3 inches, these stickers feature a vibrant design depicting a person at a desk surrounded by relatable neurodivergent symbols, such as fidgets, handwritten notes, and multiple drinks, along with other playful Easter eggs.

Crafted from thick, durable vinyl, our stickers are built to last, withstanding scratches and damage from water and sunlight. Whether you're adorning your laptop, water bottle, or notebook, these stickers serve as a powerful reminder of neurodiversity's beauty and strength. Embrace your individuality and proudly display your own "operating system" with this captivating sticker that celebrates the unique brilliance of neurodivergent minds.

.: Material: white vinyl with a satin finish
.: Water, scratch and UV resistant
.: Removable adhesive without residue

Not a Processing Error Sticker

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