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A way to help believers young and old who want to start their morning with Jesus and show them the deeper layers behind... - the importance of gratitude

- how a positive mindset helps to show the love of Christ

- what spiritual and emotional goals they may want to set

- and more...


This journal includes...

- space for Scripture references

- journal prompts/questions

- room to set spiritual or physical goals 


This musing promises to encourage you in your walk with the Lord as you reflect on all the Lord has done for you. He loves you and knows everything you have ever said or done (Psalm 139) so why not pour it out to Him in writing and allow your heart to come out of bitterness and anger. He is waiting with welcoming arms, a heart full of forgiveness, and a plan to redeem even the most broken places and make them your greatest victory stories!

Morning Musings

SKU: A-MM1Ms1-23
  • 11.5x8 vertically aligned page

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