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This empty magnetic clear plastic frame is perfect for Magic: The Gathering cards, Pokemon cards, business cards, school photos, and more. It will fit most cards, images, etc. that are 3x4 inches in diameter. The base pack includes 4 frames, but you can buy packs with up to 1000 frames. They can be used on any magnetic surface including magnetic whiteboards, lockers, filing cabinets, fridges, etc. Here are just a few ideas for use.

- Displaying Game Cards
- Personalized Photo Gifts for Family
- Kid's School Photos on the Fridge
- Wedding Reception Guest Gifts
- Business Card Magnets
- Children's classrooms/lockers
- Filing Cabinets flexible labeling/organizing
- Tool chest labels
- Puzzles/locked room mystery clues
- Task reminders
- Brainstorming tools for mind maps, visual charts, etc.

**Bulk orders of 500/1000 may take 1-2 weeks to process**

**Always remember to not place magnets on electronic devices as the magnetism may interfere with the operation or internal components of the device. This includes any electronic device externally or internally. **

** Example card not included**

Magnetic Collectible Card, Business Card, or Photo Clear Plastic Frame

PriceFrom $6.50
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 3x4inches

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