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Blood sugar and insulin tracking is a vital part of many people's lives. Many similar trackers are small print and difficult for people with visual accessibility needs to see. I specifically designed this tracker for my own grandma who is legally blind.

Unique features:

  • Large, All caps, bold print
  • Bold lines for clear block, row, and column separation
  • 32 entry rows for daily or regular use
  • Notes section
  • Horizontal, landscape layout
  • Visually open and simple structure
  • Black & white text and lines for greater visual clarity and accessibility


Recommended for:

  • Seniors
  • Persons with Visual Impairments
  • Neurodivergent Persons
  • Anyone needing to regularly track their blood sugars and insulin amounts



Blood Sugar and Insulin Tracker

SKU: BI1Gs1-22
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Length 8.5in x Width 11in

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