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Lazy Daisy Portfolio

Portfolio Disclaimer: With design theft on the rise, many of my clients value their digital assets being carefully guarded. For this reason, the portfolio below does not reflect as much diversity of style and project type as it could. Upon request, I can offer references from current and previous clients in lieu of their work being shown - including from clients who have used my website, consultation, and other design services.

Client Design Projects

All Things Sensory Logo - Finalized Version-01 (2).png

A fully custom logo for a shop that creates fidget items for the neurodivergent community. I created this logo by incorporating hand drawn sketches of some of her most popular products.

A custom t-shirt design for a mental health organization

A simple logo for a Bakery

A custom heart for marketing materials for a non-profit organization.

Book Art & Hannah's logo-08.jpg

A logo for an online bookstore

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