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We can create custom coasters, plaques, and honestly most wood items with your favorite characters. Please see the form below to start the custom order process.

Woodworks Gaming: Using the form below, tell us who you are and what character from a movie, game, anime, etc you would like along with any other names or details you want. For coasters or orders with multiple products, you may list up to 6 character/symbol names. If additional space is needed, please tell us in the Additional Notes section. We will contact you, via your preferred method. to set up your custom order within 24-72hrs. Custom orders may take 2-5 wks to ship as everything is one of a kind hand crafted. 




    Product Information

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    Terms & Conditions:

    While we seek to create beautiful pieces of artwork for all our customers, we do not create sexually explicit (Definition: full/partial nudity or any clothing alterations to enhance physical emphasis beyond the actual character's authentic attire) or otherwise derogatory/abusive artwork. We also do not create politically affiliated artwork. We reserve the right to deny commissions for any of these reasons. By requesting this commission, you agree to these terms and to not hold WoodWorks Gaminig or its owners/partners liable for discrimination.

    Thanks for submitting your request!


    Thanks for submitting!

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